Elt Roma is a part of Elettronica Group

Gather and collect sensitive information from the EMS of networks

Discover patterns of meanings and operationally meaningful links in Big Data

Gain access to a selected flow of information in a target network

Cripple physical communications

Degrade or incapacitate the performance of a network of systems, throught he network and operating system

The extension and magnitude of threats that today’s societies face related attacks are only an example - are urging Governments to re-thing their National Security paradigm.
Data, Networks (included the Web), Information “and” People are at the same time a “battle field” and a “target”. Events such as the terroristic attacks all reveal a fundamental flaw in intelligence planning and police coordination.
The call for an even more urgent need of integrated technological platforms capable of revealing patterns and links, predicting intentions and uncover terrorist plans before they happen. In most cases… key information - in the form of structured and unstructured data in different format - was already available and in possession of Intel Operative and Law Enforcement but it was fragmented, isolated, unrelated and ultimately operationally useless.
CY4GATE offers an integrated response to gather, collect, analyze, index, disseminate data in different format and from different sources in a comprehensive and integrated way in order to extract from them meaningful patterns of information (passive/defensive side) or to disrupt their content and infrastructure (offensive). Our domains and targets are the Web, networks of computers, radios, radars and the electromagnetic spectrum.
A unique, defensive and offensive platform of integrated HW and SW modules to gather, collect, analyze, protect or disrupt data and networks, and to extract and disseminate operational meaningful information.
A holistic, 360° technological and industrial approach to support the full Cycle of Intelligence for Cyber Intelligence and Cyber EW Operations.