Elt Roma is a part of Elettronica Group


To offer the most innovative solutions guaranteeing the security of people, assets and information in the most complex operational scenarios: this is our sole mission.
We believe that the best way to generate innovation is to be part of it, by daily enriching our work with creativity in thought and action; with competence, competitive energy and flexibility, as well as the precious and indispensable understanding necessary to build solid partnerships and act with foresight to anticipate market needs.
Our clients recognise the unique nature of our offering: in choosing to work with us, they entrust themselves to an international company of outstanding excellence which, thanks to its Italian roots and professionals who mould the best technologies to suit effective needs, creates appropriate “bespoke” solutions.


In a fast-changing world we will represent the touchstone of technological evolution thanks to creative and timely strategic thinking and an innovative, complete and unique portfolio of solutions.
Outstandingly good at dominating the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace and inspired by an ambitious vision that makes us what we are, we do not simply anticipate the future, we build it.


Our values are reflected in what we are and do, in our products and our business relations, at all levels. For us, these can be summed up in a single word: coherence.
Sharing this value system is a rich source of unity, strength and pride guiding of us, together, towards a more aware future.


The experience acquired in the course of working with our clients makes us real, hands-on innovators, capable of foreseeing the challenges of tomorrow through ongoing research and development of technologically advanced solutions. Our constantly evolving business is characterised by the enthusiasm with which we explore reality and by our ability to integrate scientific and industrial collaboration, methods and processes.


In our field of work, excellence is an absolute duty. Design, production and assistance are subject to stringent control procedures and continual improvement processes, aimed at ensuring that each client’s specific requirements are met correctly and at guaranteeing the maximum reliability of our products, in all operational scenarios.

Sense of belonging

People are our most important asset. We believe in sharing and integration, in diversity, in ongoing professional development, in growth based on merit achieved by valorising commitment and talent. We work towards ensuring that each one of us can realise their full potential and feel an integral part of the success of our company and their own life.


We firmly believe that the best way of guaranteeing stable and lasting relations in the countries we operate in is by respecting the rules. Our modus operandi is based on the core values of honesty, transparency and responsibility, both within the company and when engaging with our business partners and clients, because for us mutual trust is a prime asset to be nurtured and protected.


We combine respect for the rules and procedures with a spirit of initiative, enterprise and flexibility, balancing rapid decision-making processes with effective control mechanisms. The fluidity of the framework in which we operate and our propensity for innovation, induce us to remain lean and streamlined as far as our work organisation practices are concerned and proactive in our relations with partners and clients. Ours is a dynamic equilibrium, made up of coordination and movement.