Elt Roma is a part of Elettronica Group

Top Management identifies the Quality Policy as a key tool to support the corporate strategy

The driving principles for the company's operations are listed below

  1. Analyze the Context and meet the Stakeholders expectations and needs
    1. Elettronica analyses and reviews both the external and internal context of the Organization in order to identify relevant aspects, risks, and opportunities. Based on this analysis, Elettronica plans appropriate actions for strategic and operational guidance, and market sector positioning.
    2. Elettronica guarantees a Socially Responsible approach, integrated into the Organization. The Company is committed to undertaking initiatives aimed at raising the awareness of the Interested Parties. This approach includes direct involvement of the Interested Parties, listening to their expectations and reporting the achieved results.
    3. Elettronica promotes the values of the Ethical Code to consolidate the Company's reputation, build an image based on integrity, improve internal cohesion, and guarantee the principle of effective responsibility towards institutions and the community.
    4. Elettronica is committed to creating a pleasant work environment through work-life balance initiatives, and corporate welfare policies, to benefit employees and their families.
    5. Elettronica guarantees the utmost attention toward all Interested Parties in the context of environmental protection.
  2. Result-oriented
    1. Elettronica delivers products and services that meet the customer's requirements and applicable standards in accordance with agreed times.
    2. Elettronica identifies risks and opportunities, at every operating level, to implement the actions necessary to increase the effectiveness of the Management System and prevent negative effects on Business
    3. Elettronica deploys state-of-the-art technological innovation to maintain its competitive position in the reference sector
    4. Elettronica promotes Operational Excellence as a corporate value based on know-how, processes, methodologies, and tools.
  3. Business Organization and Processes
    1. Elettronica promotes the continuous development and integration of processes for product life cycle management and corporate governance. This also involves Digital Transformation Paths and the adoption of systems for the digital management of documented information.
    2. Elettronica supports the culture of Continuous Improvement to ensure the achievement of business objectives while, at same time, minimizing costs and maximizing the effectiveness of processes in terms of time and quality.
    3. Elettronica pursues business continuity through the implementation of data and information safeguards necessary for the performance of operating activities.
    4. Elettronica verifies the integrity of both internally manufactured and supply chain products throughout the life cycle in order to guarantee the absence of alterations that could compromise product safety and intended use.
  4. Supply Management
    1. Elettronica transfers the applicable requirements to the Supply Chain in order to pursue and achieve common and lasting objectives.
    2. Elettronica establishes cooperative relations with the Supply Chain, on both national and international development programs, to strengthen bonds and synergies in the reference sector.
    3. Elettronica supervises Supply Chain activities to ensure requirement compliance and product conformity.
  5. Resources
    1. Elettronica, through the implementation of appropriate education and training programs, ensures the level of competence and knowledge required to follow business, market, and technological evolution.
    2. Elettronica adopts a process for evaluating Human Resources (Performance Appraisal) in line with company objectives and personal and professional development.
    3. Elettronica determines, provides, and maintains the infrastructure, instrumentation, and technological support needed for both the execution of operational procedures and continuous improvement.
    4. Elettronica determines, provides and maintains the work environment needed for operational procedures and continuous improvement, taking into account social (e.g. non-discriminatory working conditions), psychological and physical factors.
  6. Conclusions
    Top Management, while implementing the above criteria, is committed to:
    • Ensuring and verifying that this Policy is disseminated and put into practice.
    • Involving stakeholders in the implementation of this Policy.
    • Promoting the initiatives necessary to ensure the full implementation of this Policy.