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Management System in workplaces


Prevention and Protection

Elettronica considers its commitment to workplace health and safety an essential element of the operation and management of the company. In order to improve business standards in this field, for the company and its partners, the General Management expresses its intention to implement a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS), in order to cope with all the Health and Safety aspects in a comprehensive and systematic manner and thus achieve ever higher levels of performance.

To meet this objective, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) undertakes to:
- Allocate adequate resources for injury prevention activities and for the implementation of the HSMS
- Identify and nominate a company representative as Head of HSMS in order to manage system operation and provide the necessary support
- Comply with applicable regulations and ensure the highest standards of HSMS from a continuous improvement perspective
- Constantly involve personnel in the management of the health and safety aspects, through staff suggestions, notices and training of all the employees
- Check that suppliers, contractors and consultants meet HSMS related requirements
- Monitor, measure and review the HSMS operation and its application
- Promote safety as a an essential value in all activities

An abstract of the document illustrating the HSMS and all of the organizational and management procedures can be accessed on the company intranet, under the heading “Prevenzione e Protezione” (Prevention and Protection). The company management invites all of its employee to read the latter and to follow the reported indications, availing themselves of the related forms, if necessary.

Domitilla Benigni - Chief Operating Officer

Our certifications

Ministery of Defence - (Air Armaments and Airworthiness Directorate) AER-Q-2110 (AQAP-2110/2210) no. 608, December 2008
ASD - EASE EN 9100D Issue P2 Section 1, March 2006

Quality System Certificate

UNI EN ISO 18001: 2007 - Health and Safety Certificate no. CERT-147654-AHSO-ITA-ACCREDIA (issued by Det Norske Veritas Italia S.r.l. Jenuary 2014)
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 - Quality management system certificate no. CERT-03560-98-AQ-ROM-SINCERT (issued by Det Norske Veritas Italia S.r.l. December 2011)
UNI EN ISO 9100: 2009 - Quality management system certificate no. CERT-107900-2011-AQ-ita-ACCREA (issued by Det Norske Veritas Italia S.r.l. December 2011)

Certificate of Excellence


Certificate of Information Security Management Systems

UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) - Certificate No.: 204748-2016-AIS-ITA-ACCREDIA (issued by Det Norske Veritas Italia S.r.l. August 2016)
CYBER ESSENTIALS - June 2019 (issued by IASME Consortium)