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People & Career

Working in Elettronica

That patrimony of our people's experience, competence and professionalism represents the most important Elt resource and what has enabled it to achieve increasing success and recognition over the years.

Working in Elettronica means having the opportunity to reach your full potential, in step with your real motivation and true aspirations. You’ll work in an attractive and stimulating environment, where your personal and professional growth is led by an integrated system of human resources management focusing on key skills’ development: a system able to protect Elettronica’s distinctive knowledge and to guarantee its full business competitiveness.



Our recruiting and selection process

The hiring process is an essential step for Elettronica, which follows a structured and demanding selection process, aiming to ensure a perfect match between the candidate and organization in terms of skills, values, motivation and personal characteristics.
For this reason, our selection process uses innovative tools and methodologies truly supporting in the choice of our employees.

Integration path for new employees

The key factor behind the Elettronica insertion program for new resources is the creation of a favorable environment enabling the integration of new employees.
The I-Elt ("I in Elettronica") Program, aims to create the framework for the new employees professional development using not only the learning processes, but also socialization and company integration.


Elettronica maintains, develops and strengthens the Key skills of its employees through the continuous investment in resources training, in line with their career paths and professional development.
This investment is planned for everyone and is designed to be fit for the Corporate strategies.
The Training Programmes involve the entire Corporate population and are based on the specific training needs of the target audience, considering: area of specialization, seniority and possible paths for professional development. To optimize the learning process, training actions include the heterogeneous integration of tools and methods such as traditional classroom, e-learning, on the job training, self-study, case studies and business simulations.

Internship Training

To encourage and develop contacts with young people, Elettronica hosts, in its various Corporate functions, trainees in motivating learning environments where their University background can be implemented.
The internships address University students interested in expanding their knowledge of specific areas of Elettronica for their dissertation, and new graduates motivated to be committed in Corporate operational projects, benefiting from real on the job training.