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The ALR-733 family of ESM systems is designed to provide automatic surveillance, technical signal analysis and data-collection for post-mission analysis. The ALR-733 family fulfils the operational requirements of different missions, on board helicopters and aircrafts for maritime patrol applications as well as AEW&C.

This family of airborne ESM systems features solutions to meet the various operational requirements of today’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Helicopters, Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and Air-to-Ground Surveillance (AGS) aircraft, as well as to cope with Situation Awareness needs (for Tactical, SAR and Transport Aircraft) and specific Law Enforcement applications.


The ALR-733 family modular design (different antenna configuration and optional modules) can provide:

  • Full RWR capability
  • Fully automatic (hands-off) ESM surveillance (situation awareness)
  • Computer-aided ELINT-type analysis under operator control
  • Data collection capability.
  • Real-time extraction, analysis and tracking of radar signals (no need for a priori scanning criteria)
  • Automatic identification and warning of high priority emitters
  • Very high Probability of Intercept (100% nominal)
  • Very wide RF coverage, from UHF to K (C to J) band, optionally extendable to mmW
  • Very accurate monopulse DF
  • Pulse, intra-pulse and fine analysis ELINT functions that include measurement of frequency, jitter, stagger, PRF and PRI.
  • High quality signal analysis in real-time including Modulation on Pulse (MOP)
  • Capability to operate in a very high density scenario without performance degradation
  • Capability to operate also with raw data libraries (mission data)


The ALR-733 family is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:

  • Field test equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Library programming
  • Library loading/unloading
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