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EDGE is the most current Escort Jamming Pod solution by Elettronica. It is a fully integrated system, intercepting and automatically processessing radar signals, managing the power transmitters to effectively jam several radar threats with high Effective Radiated Power (ERP).

The major task of the Escort Jammer is to perform a comprehensive advanced warning and countermeasures cycle against any hostile threats, which engage the attacking forces and adjacent flight formation and to enhance mission success.

To meet such demanding requirements, EDGE is designed to provide both individual and mutual protection to combat aircrafts. System design ensures prompt interception and automatic processing of the radar environment, as well as the implementation of an adaptive power management function to ensure optimized jamming response to the multi-threat environment.

The EJ equipment’s high level performance stems from its highly advanced system design based on state of the art technology (DRFM, Digital Receiver, solid-state RX/TX modules) and phased-array antennas, featuring electronic beam steering.


  • Wide frequency and spatial coverage
  • Automatic threat acquisition and emitter location based on the phase DF technique
  • Very high ERP
  • Automatic power management function to ensure a multiple and simultaneous jamming response
  • Advanced “smart” (noise and deception) jamming techniques exploiting digital technology
  • Fully solid-state Active RX/TX Phased Array
  • Compact transmitters solution, fitting the reduced volume constraints of a tactical A/C pod.
  • Capability to operate as a stand-alone equipment, which during missions overrides the platform’s internal self-protection suite
  • Full ELINT capability


EDGE system full product support equipment includes:

  • Field test equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Library management
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