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The ELT/1000 is a compact and high performance Radar ESM payload designed for Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on ISR missions.

Based on a Modular Architecture, Software Defined Receivers, and Proprietary Interferometric Antennas, ELT/1000 enables operative ISR superiority through Radar emitter detection, identification, measurement and recording in order to dynamically present the full Radar EOB through UAV tactical operations.

SWaP characteristics are achieved through compact design and high integration technology assuring the installability on the majority of tactical unmanned platforms that are currently available on the market.

The ELT/1000 can cooperate with other payloads on board to improve the overall performance and increase mission effectiveness and can operate in a multiplatform mission with the control of a Ground Station to capture information from different sensors to improve the Common Operational Picture.


  • Open and Modular Multichannel Architecture
  • High Rate Direct RF Sampling
  • Software Defined Receivers
  • Proprietary Phase Interferometer Antennas
  • SWaP Characteristics


  • Wideband Communication Emitters detection, discrimination and classification
  • High accuracy Direction of Arrival
  • Emitter Geo-Location
  • Wideband/Narrow Band Recording Capacity
  • Downlink Data Stream
  • Multi-Platform Operations
  • Mission Based Easy Reconfiguration


  • Very wide operative and instantaneous bandwidth
  • Wide spatial coverage
  • High sensitivity
  • High Probability of Intercept
  • Low Life-Cycle costs


The ELT/1000 is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:

  • Logistic Support for through-life maintenance and repair
  • User Friendly oriented Operational Support Equipment for system programming and update against new radar emitter
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