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The ELT/741 family of light Electronic Support Measures provides tactical surveillance and self-protection capabilities for both fixed and rotary wing aircrafts.

Even in operational scenarios characterized by high density electromagnetic environments, the ELT/741 provides timely and reliable information on both the most advanced and legacy radars, which can be equally used by either friendly or hostile forces.

The ELT/741 ESM system can incorporate an EW controller function, coordinating multiple sensors and actuators, thus operating as a node within a tactical network to contribute to a common operational picture in Net Centric Operations.


  • Very High Interception Probability
  • Full azimuth coverage
  • Wideband radio frequency coverage (C to K bands)
  • Automatic warning of high priority emitters
  • Dedicated functions for data collection, recording and accurate processing
  • Fast and unambiguous threat identification exploiting all of the measured emission parameters (e.g.: FREQ, PW, PRI, TOA, ARP, MOP)
  • Capability to operate also with raw data libraries (mission data)
  • Automatic analysis, classification, display and recording of even unknown emissions
  • Capability to operate as an EW Controller that exploits/performs functions for multi- sensor coordination
  • Lightweight
  • Flight line re-programmable
  • Easy field maintainability (LRU philosophy)

All versions can be interfaced with multi-function displays and integrated with ECM systems and platform data bus.


The ELT/741 family is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:

  • Field test equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Library programming
  • Library loading/unloading
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