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The ELT/819 family is the latest generation of Elettronica’s ELINT and Surveillance systems; its modular architecture can be configured to comply with customer requirements. The system can accommodate, in addition to the ELINT functionalities, the COMINT/CESM capabilities. ELT/819 performs both Tactical Surveillance (ESM and Tactical ELINT functions) with Warning and Self Protection capability (High POI) and highly accurate data analysis for Intelligence (Technical ELINT function).


All versions can be interfaced with multi-function displays and integrated with ECM systems and data bus platform.

  • RF nominal coverage: from C band to J band. As an option, the coverage can be extended down to A band and up to K band
  • Dual receiver deal with extremely high sensitivity and high Probability Of Intercept (POI)
  • Wide instantaneous IF bandwidth
  • Capability to operate in dense, complex and a-priori unknown electromagnetic scenarios; E.O.B. creation/updating and presentation on digital maps
  • Very accurate DOA measurements
  • Automatic extraction of a very wide range of radar types by exploiting all the radar parameters i.e.:
    • Frequency: Fixed, Agile, Hopping, Burst
    • PRI: CW, Fixed, Jittered, Switching, Staggered, Coded, Sliding, Stepping
    • Pulse: CW, PW, AMOP, PMOP, FMOP
    • ARP: Circular, Sectorial, TWS, Conical, Steady
  • Automatic and computer-aided fine analysis both at Interpulse and Intrapulse level
  • Digital recording of all the acquired data (PDMs and Intrapulse analysis data)
  • Fully automatic BITE
  • Capability to be tasked and interrogated (through the on-board communication facilities) by a remote command centre in a Network-Centric Architecture
  • User-friendly, Human-Machine Interface
  • Recording capability (PDMs, Pre-detected digitised signal)


The ELT/819 family is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:

  • Field test equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Library programming
  • Library loading/unloading
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