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ELT 950 a.k.a. EW Manager (EWM) is Elt’s C&C system designed as Combat Management Systems for Electronic Warfare assets. It enables the integration of many Sensors and Actuators (both Elt and 3rd party) installed onto the same platform.


Platform Management Suite:

  • Control the Configuration and State; monitor the status of connected subsystems and User Access
  • Load and dispatch mission libraries to the connected subsystems
  • Record relevant information about the scenario evolution for Post Mission debriefing and analysis

Data Analysis:

  • Picture Compilation: create a synthetic situation of the surrounding scenario
  • Elint Analysis: provide means to perform dedicated technical analysis

Engagement Plan Management:

  • EWM periodically proposes a possible engagement plan


Different configurations of the EWM capability can be installed on all platforms properly tailored to meet the different operational needs. Currently the EWM is installed on Fighter platforms; Wide Body Aircraft; Naval platforms; Ground platforms (i.e. shelters).


The EWM can manage following families of sensors (both Elt and 3rd party):

  • RADAR Electronic Support Measure (ESM)  
  • Communication ESM (CESM)
  • Radar Warning Receivers (RWR)
  • Missile Warning System (MWS)
  • Laser Warning System (LWS)
  • Cooperating RADARs

The EWM can manage following families of actuators (both Elt and 3rd party):

  • RADAR Electronic Counter Measure (R-ECM)
  • Communication Counter Measure (C-ECM)
  • Chaff and Flare Dispensers
  • Infrared Counter Measure DIRCM
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