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Loki is the first Italian C&C for net-centric Electronic Warfare and multi-platform coordination that implements a System of Systems integration in IT OPS.

Loki is Elt’s capability for:

  • Managing complex of the EW missions: coordinating and integrating heterogeneous intelligence sources and operative cells (sensors and actuators; both Elt and 3rd party)
  • Achieving situational awareness of own and blue force assets
  • Controlling resources assigned to the Commander and dispatching orders to other levels of command


  • Multi-Level Architecture for Sensor Data Fusion, system scalability and Data filtering
  • Secure Networking and link Management
  • Mission Planning, Tasking and Management
  • C&C message handling
  • Access to external databases through configurable connectors
  • Intuitive and multi user HMI with a powerful cartographic engine
  • Recording and Replay of data and messages
  • Counter measure management and Tactical Analysis
  • EW Libraries Management


Loki C&C adopts a flexible Client/Server physical Architecture. The C&C client is installed in fixed centres or mobile Rugged PCs. A complete version of the Loki system is also available for mobile shelters.


Main interface of Loki C&C is the Human actor that stay in the loop. Supported standard interfaces are:

  • NMEA, NMEA 0183 and ADS/B messages
  • all Elt sensors (e.g. ELT-819 A/B/C)
  • all Elt actuators (e.g. IEWS family)
  • Non-Elt Sensors and Actuators through “Plug & Play” personalization of its modular interfaces architecture
  • Formatted Messages (e.g. Adatp3, ASTERIX and VMF on demand)
  • Elt framework for library generation (e.g. nEWOSf)
  • MIL2525C standard
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