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The NETTUNO-4100 ECM System provides naval platforms with an effective Electronic Defence using a powerful Active Phased Array Transmitter and a complete set of dedicated ECM techniques and programs. The techniques are segments of countermeasure programs that are automatically and adaptively selected for system effectiveness against both terminal missile attacks and long range designation radar systems.

A modular design approach permits configuration adaptation to individual ship classes. The Nettuno 4100 Systems can be composed of one or two JASS (Jamming Antenna Sub System) depending also on operational requirements.

In any case the Nettuno 4100 Systems can co-operate with other onboard EW sensors and actuators.


  • Frequency Range: H to J bands
  • Spatial Coverage: 360° Az, 50° El
  • ERP: Very high and adequate to protect large ships
  • Sensitivity: Very high and adequate for jamming on radar side-lobes
  • ECM Response: multithreat jamming capability (different direction and frequency)
  • ECM Programs: complete set of jamming programs exploiting both noise and deception techniques (DRFM), effective also against coded emitters
  • Electronic beam steering (electronically stabilized against ship movements)
  • High level of readiness (no warm-up)
  • Full solid-state design ensuring high ERP and graceful degradation in case of failure
  • High reliability and maintainability


The Nettuno 4100 family is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:

  • Field test equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Library programming
  • Library loading/unloading
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