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The Smart ELT Maintenance System (Smart EMS) increases equipment availability by drasticallyreducing the down-time related to maintenanceThe SEMS embodies Elettronica’s over 60 years of invaluable experience in the manufacture andservicing of military electronic systems together with today’s modern and commercial handhelddevices that consent a new hands-off approach to maintenance procedures. It is the perfectmatch to Elettronica’s newest Electronic Warfare systems, featuring embedded prognostichardware for early failure detection and recovery.


  • The System Maintenance Mode activation and Maintenance Procedure are supported by adedicated Test Plug enabling wireless test functionality (wired as option)
  • Fully integrated maintenance system with intuitive touch-screen interface
  • Open multi-mobile environment• Technical Data and Software real-time update
  • Secure Wireless Encrypted communication with Device Under Test and Smart EMS Server
  • Fully customizable according to Customer requirements and existing infrastructures
  • Multi-system capability, enables the same Smart EMS to support several equipment
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) maintenance options. All versions can be integratedwith ECM systems and platform data bus.
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